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What’s this Receta Secretas all about?

For many years, I ran a food blog over at that focused on living cheap and entertaining, in well, a 312 square foot studio apartment in New York City. I learned a lot about creative use of ingredients, shopping for deals and making the most out of a small space. I hosted dinner parties for Fulbright students, had 20 people over for fish stew and so much more. As time went on, I moved from that space and the focus became more on experimentation and the blog fell off because I lost a focus on what I was doing over there.

Now an entire new chapter of my life has started! I have moved from New York City after 10 years to Barcelona Spain. One fabulous food city for another. I have decided to take this opportunity to collaborate with my husband and take our two perspectives on food twisted together. My focus on fusion and flexing all the rules, I’m American of course! and his deep roots in traditional Catalan cuisine. We are going to bring you recipes that are both high in level of complication and low but always an interesting mix of cultures and ingredients.

More importantly, we also want to share with you the tricks that we have learned over the years to elevate your home cooking to new levels without having to spend a ton of money on things like induction cookers or sous vide baths. Look to the tricks section to see some of those easy ways to get gourmet results, creative plating ideas and more.

All the content from will be edited for the best recipes and moved over to this website, but the original will still remain with all the crazy cast of characters, cramped photos and  crazy New York times. Follow us over on Facebook for even more insider tricks at and for random food liciousness our Instagram and of course our inspirations on Pinterest


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