Zucchini Flowers

Joyas de fin de verano – Flores de calabacín y ensalada de tomate

Tenemos mucho suerte de vivir en Barcelona con todo el acceso del producto fresco que ofrece el Mediterráneo. Hoy teníamos una resaca monumental de los fiestas finales del verano. Hoy es domingo. Por lo tanto todo está cerrado en casi toda la ciudad. Dichosamente, vivimos en el Raval, un barrio que es una gran mezcla de gente y nuestros mercados están abiertos. No solo tenemos acceso a los productos locales, por que vivimos con Philippinos y Pakistanis que llevan todo la materia prima du su rica cocina. También abren los domingos. Todo el día, sin cerrar ni para la siesta.

Zucchini Flowers

End of summer bliss – Zucchini Flowers and Tomato Salad

We are so lucky here in Barcelona to have access to all of the ingredients in the Mediterranean. Today we had a massive hangover from the last of the summer parties. It’s Sunday. It means that no markets or any b Read more

Pork Tenderloin

When Fall Hits – A Rustic Pork Dish from the Pacific Northwest

The Wildwood restaurant in Portland Oregon was a huge source of inspiration for me when I really started to delve into cooking seriously. They use wine and fruit in savory dishes to add just a splash of sweet or acid tha Read more

Salt Baked Salmon

Other Uses – Salt Baking Fish!

A classic trick in the south of Europe, rife with fresh fish from the Mediterranean, is cover a whole fish in a course sea salt casing and slow cook it in an oven. The salt seals in the juices from the fish and preserves Read more

Lemon Lavender Cake

Perfect for those summertime birthdays – Lemon Lavender Cake

As the dedicated birthday cake-baker in my circle of friends, I've made several versions of this cake over the years. Chocolate cake with lavender frosting, vanilla cake with lavender sugar and this, the best version bel Read more

Your Hosts

What’s this Receta Secretas all about?

For many years, I ran a food blog over at 312sqf.blogspot.com that focused on living cheap and entertaining, in well, a 312 square foot studio apartment in New York City. I learned a lot about creative use of ingredients Read more


A few things I miss about NYC – Banh Mi!

There are a few things that I really miss about the US - clothes dryers, Americanized Chinese food (it's the best for a hangover, especially if it comes from a place that also makes tacos), Real Housewives of Where-ever, Read more

Zucchini Fritters

Summer Fare – Zucchini Fitters with Chutney

As July rounds the bend, the markets are flooded with amazing summer squashes, zucchini flowers, zucchinis and melons. Some of the freshest food around! I love zucchini in all forms. I like to slice it very thinly and fl Read more

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